AL I:3

“Every man and every woman is a star.”

Magick in Theory and Practice, Chapter XVII

From one point of view, magical progress actually consists in deciphering one’s own record.

As one is a Star in the Body of Nuith, every successive incarnation is a Veil, and the acquisition of the Magical Memory a gradual Unveiling of that Star, of that God.

A Lecture on the Philosophy of Magick

I want to tell you what the essential doctrine of the magician is with regard to man’s place in the universe and that it is given in The Book of the Law that every man and every woman is a star. What is a star? Philosophers have always agreed about one thing – that is that the Universe to be intelligible at all must be considered as one and homogeneous. Therefore you can understand the position of the mystic who says that each of us is a member of the body of God. You can understand what is written in the Bible, “your bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost.” It is upon these postulates that the general theory of Magick is founded.