AL I:40

“Who calls us Thelemites will do no wrong, if he look but close into the word. For there are therein Three Grades, the Hermit, and the Lover, and the man of Earth. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

Liber Aleph – De se ipso, TO MEGA THERION

O My son! me seemeth in certain Hours that I am myself fallen on a Time even more fearful and fatal than did Mohammed, peace be upon Him! But I read clearly the Word of the Aeon, that is ABRAHADABRA, wherein is the whole Mystery of the great Work, as thou knowest. And I have The Book of the Law, that was given unto me by Him thou wottest of; and it is the Interpretation of the Secret Will of Man on every Plane of his By-coming; and the Word of the Law is THELEMA. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” Now because “Love is the law, love under will” do I write this Epistle for thee, that thou mayst fulfill this inmost Will of Mankind, making them capable of Light, Life, Love and Liberty by the Acceptance of this Law. And the Hindrance thereunto is but as the Shell of its Egg to an Eaglet, a Thing foreign to itself, a Protection till the Hour strike, and then — no more!